BIMcollab and AutoCorr

Not just issue resolution, but all BIM process workflow communication becomes easier with BIMcollab. AutoCorr gives you a BCF file that has automatic view points that take you directly to each correspondence. QA simplified.

Watch the short videos below to see how. 

AutoCorr and BIMcollab

This short video demonstrates how easily AutoCorr output can fit into your BIMcollab workflow.

Updating a handover model

This short video demonstrates updating a handover model using BIMcollab ZOOM.

Validation of a handover model

Validation of a handover model using BIMcollab ZOOM.

BIM Tools Mentioned in this Article:

1.   BIM & Scan® AutoCorr™

A cloud-based solution used for comparing IFC models to E57 point clouds within a user specified tolerance.
Find out more about AutoCorr here: Click here
To request a trial: Request a trial

2.   BIMcollab Issue Management

The cloud-based issue collaboration platform for managing BCF issues that AutoCorr™ finds and BCF files you (might) already have from each stakeholder.
Click here to create a free account.

3. BIMcollab ZOOM

A popular validation tool and perfect for visualising AutoCorr™ inputs and results (IFC, E57 and BCF files).
Click here to download for free.

BIMcollab and AutoCorr Customer Success Story

Model Validation with AutoCorr, Revit and BIMcollab

Read about how our sister company MMA Consulting Engineers used AutoCorr, Revit and BIMcollab in a recent Scan to BIM project.