CDE / EDM Solutions


At BIM&Scan we offer tailored Common Data Environments (CDE) & Electronic Data Management (EDM) solutions. These systems range in complexity from standard Document Control to Server/Cloud-based environments designed to centrally manage all the Data (drawings, documentation & PMO) of a given project.

They provide secure 24/7 access to (current, relevant and appropriate) data to all project stakeholders, while automating the project review processes with productive workflows.

We have advised on and implemented systems for industry leaders across most sectors from traditional AEC clients to Food & Beverage & High-Tech Manufacture.

The systems are highly customisable, to meet the needs of a variety of clients from private sector, governmental & multi-national businesses.

Key to the success of these systems are:

  • Keeping data secure,
  • Maintaining standard workflows across multiple sites/offices
  • Eliminating/reducing re-work & duplication.