BIM Consultancy

Our team of experienced consultants led by Dr. Shawn O’Keeffe provides industry leading standards of BIM Consultancy Services.

Our clients range from Corporate and State sponsored project owners to Architectural and Engineering firms. We help them with practical advice about BIM project initiation and with optimization of the BIM authoring tools that they already have as well as streamlining fragmented work processes and maximizing collaboration opportunities.

Our philosophy is based on open standards that enables all stakeholders to take part in the BIM process using a common language.

We offer:

  • BIM Implementation Strategy Advice
  • BIM Toolbox Development
  • BIM Validation Methods
  • BIM Compliance and Audit services
  • Off-the-shelf Implementation Standards
  • Interoperability Protocols
  • Multidimensional open frameworks, e.g. 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D,…,nD
  • Common Data Environments and BIM Servers