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We are now in private beta. If you would like an invitation to join our private beta please contact us directly.  We plan to run the Private Beta for approximately 1 month and thereafter we will make our first solution BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ available for general uptake on a subscription basis.



BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ is a Scan-vs-BIM tool for comparing models to point clouds which enables a quick and accurate visualization of scan vs building information model, in turn enabling fast, accurate, and objective Quality Assurance decisions on what elements of the model to update. Test files to be utilised with BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ can be found here.


BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ is a Open BIM validation software that has been utilised on projects globally since June 2017. BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ compares design models with point clouds within a given tolerance and exports a semantic point cloud for better decision making throughout the project lifecycle.
Our experience is summarized in this whitepaper.


BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ workflows allow certain, objective and repeatable quality assurance that the Building Information Model corresponds with the As-Built installation. Follow this simple Workflow


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Supported Standards:


ISO 16739: 2013 Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for data sharing in the construction and facility management industries
Industrial automation systems and integration -- Product data representation and exchange -- Part 21: Implementation methods: Clear text encoding of the exchange structure
IFC2X3 Schema Version: IFC2x Edition 3 Technical Corrigendum 1
Coordination View Version 2.0: The Coordination View has been the first view definition developed by buildingSMART International and is currently the most implemented view of the IFC schema. BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ currently uses IFC2X3 CV2.0 STEP Physical Files (SPF's) as an input for model geometry. 

libE57: Software Tools for Managing E57 Files. BIM & Scan AutoCorr™ currently uses E57 formatted point clouds as an input for construction data. 
ASTM E2807-11, Standard Specification for 3D Imaging Data Exchange, Version 1.0, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2011,

The BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) is an open file XML format "bcfXML" that supports workflow communication in BIM processes. BIM & Scan Ltd. supports the use BCF for BIM-workflow communications, e.g. issue resolution, etc. 


1. Validation of As-Is and As-Generated IFC BIMs for Advanced Scan-to-BIM Methods

2. The BIM & Scan® Platform: A Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical System for Automated Solutions Utilising Real & Virtual Worlds.

3. Automatic Open Standard Reporting for Dimensional Control Compliance

4. Delivering COBie Using Autodesk Revit


1. The Michael Kerwan Award - Best Overall Paper Award: Automatic Open Standard Reporting for Dimensional Control Compliance

2. BuildingSMART International Award - Honourable Mention Award - East Dormitory Project - United States